We Pay Bills,
You Build Credit.

With Stellar, we pay your bills on time and on your terms, so you can build credit.

Join Stellar to win.

  • One Winner: Pay up to $10,000 of your bills for a year
  • 20 Winners: $500 toward your bills
  • 300 Winners: Up to $100 in bills paid

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Stellar improves factors that make up 80% of your score.


On-Time Payments

Pay your bills with Stellar to ensure that they are always paid on time.


Credit Use

Optimize your credit utilization as Stellar increases your line of credit with each new linked bill.


Credit Age

Build credit age by keeping your line open during the time you have an account with Stellar.

Why should you care?

Your credit score is made up of your payment history on loans and credit cards. But, most of your bills go unreported because they are not made on loans or credit cards.

Raise your score by letting Stellar pay and report things like your phone bill, rent, yoga class, or favorite streaming service. If you’re paying for it, we can help you build credit.

Paying bills can increase your credit.

Don’t just boost your score, build credit that matters to lenders.

We report payments on each bill to three major bureaus.

Choose a reliable partner with skin in the game.

Unlike companies that simply report your payment history by looking at your bank statements, Stellar actually pays your bills then collects from your bank account and provides you a line of credit. This approach is the most effective and reliable way to build credit.

No interest, no deposits, and
no limits.

We don’t set limits on bills or require our customers to sign up for secured loans and cards. And we definitely will NOT ask for a downpayment or a deposit.

Always safe and secure.

256 AES Security

We use the most advanced security protocols and bank-grade encryption to secure all of your data.

Digital Tokens

We do not store any of your financial information. Instead, we keep random digital tokens to represent your account at your financial institution.

Virtual Accounts

We use Stellar virtual cards to pay your bills, protect your privacy, and safeguard your real data.

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